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Um abraço, Twitterati!


From Geotypografika Flickr: Photo by Erik Brandt, 2006. Posters somewhere in
Lisbon, Portugal. Anunciando: You can now follow updates for Geotypografika
via Twitter

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Above: Gumball, 1992 cover of The Damned classic, New Rose.
Coming to you in both of your eyes, yo. Um abraço!

2 Responses to “Geotypografika Twitter”

This is your work Erik?!

Nice job!

Gerard Folz added these words on Mar 10 09 at 10:59 PM

Sorry, George, but thanks for the catch! I deleted the proper credit while throwing this up the other day, the photo is from one of my walks around Lisbon in 2006, the poster work is not. My apologies for any confusion.

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 11 09 at 7:25 AM

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