Geotypografika Interview 006: David Berman

“Don’t just do good design, do good!”


001 Take the Do Good Pledge.

David B. Berman
Designer/Strategist/Expert Speaker
David Berman Communications
Ottawa, Canada

Editorial note: David’s new book is out and, thanks to him, in my hands. It is a fascinating and inspiring narrative that captures all of his well-known precision and passion. Too put it simply, it must become a part of our libraries and our common dialogue. Do not be misled by David’s brief responses here to this now one-year-old set of questions (written well before the collapse of the world markets), behind these insightful comments lies a man who’s life has been committed to doing good in our world. Read this book as soon as you can and, more importantly, answer his call and become a part of changing our entire world. Now is the time, the earth is the place, do what you can to change the way we communicate and make things.

Geotypografika Interview 006 David Berman
What developments are you following in the world of graphic
design/typography today?

DB Ethics and social responsibility.

What new developments are occurring specific to your location?
DB On my planet, things have never looked more hopeful.

Given the astronomical growth (both current and especially projected) of the Indian and Chinese middle class/economies, how long before contemporary graphic design and typography finally recede from “Western” domination, and we see a new global vernacular arising?
DB Negative 0.5 years.

Or will we witness an inversion, where the dominant Eastern economies impose their visual vernacular?
DB They will not impose… they will re-invent and combine.

What avenues for research/global discussion do you regularly visit,
online or otherwise?

DB Icograda Design Weeks, conferences.

Are you optimistic about the future?
DB Yes.

What are the most important elements/abilities for a young designer to master in today’s ultra-competitive world?
DB Sticking to their principles.

Is teaching typography and graphic design even possible at a truly global scale?
DB It’s never been easier: there has never been so much access, so much accessibility, so much exposure, so much software.

How to account for an audience of this scale beyond the model of the
International Style, etc.?

DB Models are illusory paradigms… they are only useful as models,
not an end in their own.

Are you witnessing a migration of talent to the developing markets in the East?
DB No.

Do you feel a sense of an obligation to/concern for a growing global audience for your work in these times of international immediacy (i.e. The WWW)?
DB Yes. I think we all have an obligation to be very careful what we choose to amplify, in a time when communication has never been so inexpensive, immediate,
and far–reaching.

If so, how do you approach this problem?
DB Encourage people to design in alignment with their inner principles.
Lead by example.

Honto ni, domo arigato gozaimasu, David-sama.
Gambade, kudasai!

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