Conglomerate Identity

Solo-show at St. Cloud State, Kiehle Gallery.

Above: Erik Brandt , 2012 (24×36 in. poster, cropped). I am grateful to the St. Cloud State Faculty for their kind invitation to show my work, with special thanks to Professors Keith Christensen and Alexa Horochowski for their kindness and support. This show will feature a collection of work surrounding my interest in conglomerate identity.

The show opens on Oct. 4, 2012 and all are welcome. I have created a Facebook Event Page here, which I am updating regularly in the run up to the show. These updates and more will also be featured on Typografika.

Above: Erik Brandt (24×36 in. detail), 2012.

From the artist statement I prepared for the show: “Most of us connect with some form of identity, often local, and then by extension, national. These identifications define us in part, but it is almost impossible to define all the things that make us who we are. In a sense, we all swim within conglomerates of self and essentially unknowable being. We are, as a teacher of mine once liked to say, parts to the whole.

I was born on a snowy morning in Missoula, Montana. My early childhood was spent in Cameroon and Malawi, then moving to Germany where I entered elementary school. My first languages were French, Swahili, and German, with a smattering of heavily accented English. My family then moved to Cairo, Egypt where I finished high-school with an international student body.

As a consequence, I have never had a national identity, but instead identify very strongly with this concept of a conglomerate. The phrase is meant in a geologic sense, of course, as opposed to it’s contemporary identification with corporations.

The work created for this show is thus both new and old, and hopes to provide pathways to approach my larger body of work within this context of conglomerate identity, and its influence on form making. The selected pieces range from the experimental to the applied, including a larger series of what I have called, Ficciones Typografika (typographic fictions).”

More on the official St. Cloud State Kiehle Gallery announcement and Around the Cloud. A thousand thanks to the invaluable help and assistance of Jasio Stefanski and Mohamud Mumin.

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Conglomerate Identity

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