An Egyptian abyss.

The people will not be silenced for long.

Above: Image posted by Craig Labovitz, the Chief Scientist of Arbor Networks via the CPJ website (Committee to Protect Journalists). The source is Danny O’Brian, and also quoted on the Huffington Post and in the Guardian’s excellent coverage.

This image reminded me of the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, from Also Sprach Zarathustra: “Der Mensch ist ein Seil, geknüpft zwischen Tier und Übermensch, – ein Seil über einem Abgrunde.” In my humble translation: “Man is a rope, a rope between animal and the superhuman… a rope over an abyss.” How well this striking image of oppression echoes this timeless observation.

Imagine if such a monster had swallowed us whole in the same way, and let us hope this abyss has only temporarily cut us off from our Egyptian brothers and sisters. Our common status as international citizens, bound together by a life we now also lead online, demands that our voices join those echoing in the streets of Cairo. Use your own internet access (and other means) to help make sure the images and messages from this past week stay online, and somehow find their way to the Egyptian people who must feel desperately alone.

For Mona Makhlouf, our valiant Egyptian Tiger and frequent contributor. May she stay safe and may we hear from her again soon. Follow some links below to more of her various stories, and enjoy these beautiful Egyptian movie posters as well.

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An Egyptian abyss. #egypt #design

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Google and Twitter created the numbers below so that Egyptians can post their voices, no internet needed; from inside Egypt Call +16504194196 +16504194196 or +390662207294 +390662207294 or +97316199855 +97316199855 please spread the word.

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