Henk Groenendijk / Rietveld Workshop

Saying goodbye to an old printer, and welcoming new forms.

Above: Experimental print via Henk Groenendijk at the Rietveld Academie. Henk was kind enough to share these here, and what follows are images from a workshop he conducted with an introductory level typography class. The occasion? Saying goodbye to an old press and creating a typographic celebration in the process. Henk asked his students to create letterforms out of any material they could find from the old letterpress, blow them up, cut them out with lino, and then print. A celebration to be sure, many thanks to Henk and his students for sharing this stimulating work.

Above: A student creating the layers of the first print.

Above: Students hard at work with their lino cuts.

Above: A test print and more ideas take shape.

Above: E.

Above: E!

Above: More work from Henk’s workshop. Be sure to follow along with Henk’s Designblog as well for more updates. Dank je Henk en uw leerlingen!

UPDATE: Henk sent along these last two images and promises more from the party celebrating ALEX. Stay tuned for more from the Rietveld.

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Henk Groenendijk's intro to typography workshop, Rietveld Academie. http://goo.gl/hu7Pq #design #typography

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Henk Groenendijk / Rietveld Workshop http://bit.ly/fudubY Saying goodbye to an old printer, and welcoming new forms.

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