Majid Akbarzadeh

Never judge a book by it’s cover.


Above: Majid Akbarzadeh, book cover for Soureh Mehr Publications. Majid offers some insight into this project: “About three years ago, it was seriously rumored that the USA was planning to invade Iran. An Iranian analyst and historian, Mr. Jacob Tavakkoli, wrote this book as a rebuttal of those fears, characterizing the larger discussion as mere psychological warfare.” Majid created this calligraphic solution employing Kufi.

Mamnoon am, for sharing this, Majid! We are all too familiar with the politics of fear,
let’s hope we can move beyond these past eight years with optimism and open minds.

Special thanks to the Khatt Network for making this discussion possible.

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His work is very passionate and expressive and that is apparent in the crafting of each element.

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