Iceland turning Red and Green

Revolution with a handshake.


Above: Morgunbladid, from Reykjavik, Iceland (front page via Newseum). Five photos denote the changing of the guard, and Morgunbladid in English reports the country will likely see a Red/Green minority coalition. As it turns out, Morgunbladid’s English content is generated by the equally interesting Iceland Review.

In appropriately difficult winter conditions, the world’s economic minds are meeting in Davos, Switzerland. As reported in CNN International, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab makes it clear: “We have to create a new world and that is what Davos 2009 will be all about — serving society.”

Radical words indeed. From an earlier post here, “Respected global members of the greater capitalist infrastructure, your theme for the week: Think positive and remember us little people Oye, mira! A happy market place equals a school yard.”

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