MLK Day 2009

Martin Luther King Holiday, January 19, 2009


Above: Found in MPLS on January 21, 2008, a copy of The Epoch Times,
Chicago, IL. Estados Unidos.

Below, text from last year’s MLK post, which accompanied the above image.
Signs of the times, and on this day, surely we are moving forward at long last?
After these recent years, one can’t help but be caught up in the promise of these signs, both the Chinese characters carrying the days events and most especially, proof positive that everything is still possible here at home. I’ll be the first to admit my own sense of politikverdrossenheit, (political disillusionment) after many years of abuses – but this image, this newspaper (found in a local Latino laundromat) are positive,
no matter what your political persuasion.

Now let us hope we can move beyond symbolism to true change.

Yes we believed, and yes we did.
Is it fair to say how hard it is to describe one’s emotions on a day like today, knowing the day that will be tomorrow? One year ago, MLK Day 2008 discussed this same image as a sign of positive change. We couldn’t know then that our dreams would literally come true. Back then, it was simply another sign of the globalized typographic world,
a Chinese language paper in Chicago, and that very same dream of true change.

Today, we face both the promise and the seriousness of life together. It is the worst of times, it is the best of times! Today, we must cast a cold, honest look over the realities that lie behind and ahead of us. We can take courage in the common bond we have all created in making this day possible.


Geotypografika déclare! Today and tomorrow are hereby declared as days of unbridled joy and love. Do not hold back, make sure to include everyone.

Obamanos para el futuro!

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