News from Doha / Mumbai

NYTimes slideshow features new Museum of Islamic Art.

Above: Via the New York Times, I.M. Pei‘s new Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.
A lovely thanksgiving wish came in via an old friend still teaching there, so many
happy returns and good wishes to all.

Certainly this new museum is something to be grateful for, but we must soberly reflect on the devastating attacks in Mumbai. We must see clearly that the world has truly changed. It seems to me that, unified by the common view of an economic abyss,
the entire world was attacked yesterday. Our common future was threatened and that threat is perceived globally.

These new horrors must have a response of international unity.
Work together, work for the future.

Above: Via peaceproject stickers.


Above: Via Manar in Doha, shokran!

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Thank you Mr. Brandt :) It was my pleasure!

MANAR added these words on Nov 28 08 at 2:32 AM

Maybe we should ask if more people would like to make/collaborate on Arabic/English (all languages) versions of this theme?

Erik Brandt added these words on Nov 29 08 at 11:15 AM

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