Meu irmão, um grande homem.

A teacher.

Above: Meu irmão Jens, featured in the Daily Breeze, showing the way forward in Redondo Beach, LA. A teacher para el futuro!

Quoted from Nguyen Huy Vu‘s article: “There’s no question why sophomore Jennifer Reyes was sent to the Redondo Beach Unified Learning Academy. Poor grades. Ditching school. Giving attitude. Fighting. The 15-year-old’s poster-size confession of why she was kicked out of a traditional classroom hangs in the back of Jens Brandt’s classroom. But on a recent day, Reyes sits with a friend going over the cellular structure of plants in an attempt to collect more credits for her biology class.”

Read more here, a lovely little story of hope in a new America, no?

Gambade kudasai, Jens!

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