Helvetica / Aliens walk among us.

Perdió en los espacios negativos.

Above: Estudiantes, se advirtió! In the left corner, and in the dark grey trunks, the Mac OS default Helvetica Bold lowercase a. Und in the rrright corner, in light grey trunks and current defender of the faith, Helvetica Neue 75 Bold. (666pt)

Above: Mac OS default Helvetica Bold (left), Helvetica Neue 75 Bold (right).
Note the clear fillet and blunt terminal, a serif! High treason!

Above: Lost in negative space? Again, the Mac OS default Helvetica Bold is on the left (ruler of the default universe), and on the right, and still champion of hearts in the typographic world, Helvetica Neue 75 Bold.

Geotypografika is guilty by default as well, here is the Mac OS Helvetica Bold lowercase a, live and in person (unless your default sans-serif is Arial).


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