Guardian / Rage Against the Machine

St. Paul Performance Cancelled

Above: Come wit it now! Found in the Guardian of all places, some good YouTube links from yesterday’s CANCELLED Rage appearance in St. Paul. YouTube has many more links to an acapella version of wawa tikka wawa tikka tikka tikka wawa tikka wawa… Guess they were too rough around the edges for the clean and mean RNC.

Oh yeah and that’s right y’all! It’s time to kick out the effing’ jams and register to vote. This election is important, and no matter what side you fall on, we Americans have to rally around this one.

Follow the links provided at the this US Government site Registering to Vote and Voting. Links include absentee ballots both within and without the US, as well as local and state information.

Rally round the family, with a pocket full of shells… How utterly appropriate given last night’s RNC theme… Drill Baby Drill. They chanted it, not me.

Tikka wawa y’all!

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It’s really interesting how words, a little melody, and clapping can still get all of these people so excited and motivated to protest. Power to the people!

Kristen Ramirez added these words on Sep 06 08 at 3:02 PM

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