Dan Sinclair / New Work

Game Play, Saliency, and Urgency.

Above: Dan Sinclair, Game Play (33″x46″, 2013). I am really grateful to Dan for allowing his recent work to be shared here. Dan is a 2nd year graduate student at the Cranbrook Academy of Art and, true to form, still very much in command of his own voice that he has been developing for some many years now. Always keenly experimental yet incisive, his new work delights with fresh possibility and a strong sense of embracing an imminent future.

Some may remember an older post where Dan’s broad vision managed to accommodate the seemingly impossible, creating an aesthetic and conceptual balance with a highly unlikely cast of characters. These new pieces suggest Dan has found a true home in his studio practice, indeed he explains these pieces as part of a series of truisms he has found. It will be fascinating to see where these new forms lead him.

Above: Dan Sinclair, Saliency (33″x46″, 2013).

Above: Dan Sinclair, Urgency (33″x46″, 2013).

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