Lauren Thorson / Processing Form

New work explores projection, processing, plotters, and typographic form.

Above: Lauren Thorson, First 24 Hours of Spring (cropped), 2011. Thorson is a graduate student here at MCAD and has recently completed her first year with a flourish of inspired acitvity. Her focus has been experimenting with a variety of techniques that form fascinating limitations for creating form. These spirographs are actually generated with data from the National Weather Service (see Thorson’s explanation here) using a plotter. (UPDATE: Thorson’s stunning process book here.)

Above: Lauren Thorson, Galvan Typeface (detail), 2011. Her Galvan typeface, equally impressive, uses the limitations of a plotter to help define the possibilities of letterform construction (see below). These experiments point to a broad array of future possibilities. Many are a direct result of the inspiration she found following her collaboration with Bryan Clendenen, Synthetic Unity (see below), an incredibly beautiful projection sequence that they initiated at the start of this year.

Above: Lauren Thorson, Synthetic Unity, 2011. A stunning projection collaboration with Bryan Clendenen, with music composed by Chester Yourcezk.

Avanti, Lauren!

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Lauren Thorson's inspired first-year work. #typography #graphicdesign #processing

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Lauren’s work featured here in “The phdesign Daily,”:

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