ATypI 2010 / The Word

Dublin, Ireland.


Above: The logo for the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) conference this September in Dublin, Ireland. Designed by Clare Bell and Dara Ní Bheacháin, it uses the typeface Nib by Thomas Foley. Foley, a master’s candidate at Central St. Martins, designed Nib under the mentorship of Freda Sack (ISTD).


Above: Nib glyphs from Foley’s developing website.


Above: Dublin Castle, ATypI 2010 center stage. (Photo by Donaldytong.)

The Word / Call for Papers
As for the conference theme itself, “The Word,” please see the ATypI Call for Papers recently issued. A brief glimpse here from their own description: “From the Book of Kells to Samuel Beckett and beyond, the word has always been at the centre of Irish political, cultural and social life. Dublin is therefore the ideal place for a gathering of those who are closely involved with the visual and material form of words. Thus from the cultural heart of a literary city the theme for ATypI 2010 – The Word – has offered itself up.”

In a recent discussion of possible paper themes, conference co-organizer Clare Bell also added these intriguing thoughts: “Think along the lines of ‘The Solid Form of Language’ by Robert Bringhurst, ie: the materiality of the word, for example, in all of its permutations.” She further quoted Bringhurst, “Drop a word in the ocean of meaning and concentric ripples form. To define a single word means to try to catch those ripples. [...] This is what is means to listen; this is what it means to read. [...] Writing is the solid form of language, the precipitate.”

Inspiring references indeed! If you can make it, these events are highly recommended. The ATypI community is long-standing and thriving. How well I remember my own presentation in Lisbon, 2006, a very nervous professor from Qatar inspired by some of the greats of that profession. Fontfeed’s Yves Peters kindly wrote a review of that event some time ago, where you will also find a review of Geotypografika friend Verena Gerlach’s presentation from that same day.

VIVA ATypI, and on to Dublin!

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ATypI 2010 / The Word: Dublin, Ireland.

Above: The logo for the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) …

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Visit the conference Facebook page for a great roundup of all the events and links to photos. Oh, to have been in Dublin! :-)

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