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I’m in class.


Above: MCAD student Michael (fold). Fresh sketches from our
Typography: Hierarchy + Expression grupetto.

Again employing Verena Gerlach’s recent typeface, FF Chambers Sans,
the students have refined their work with Arabic cell phone type.
These sketches are almost there… stay on target! We welcome any
and all feedback.


Above: MCAD student Michael.


Above: MCAD student Michael (interior).


Above: MCAD student Sarah (photocopy of sketch, new direction).


Above: MCAD student Dan (and his new Litebrite).


Above: MCAD student Emily.


Above: MCAD student Liam (front). Should be horizontal, but shown
in vertical orientation to retain scale.


Above: MCAD student Liam (back).


Above: MCAD student Ryan (hand).


Above: MCAD student Josh.


Above: MCAD student Tousue.


Above: MCAD student Brendan.

4 Responses to “ana fee el9af”

These directions are look real nice. I am enjoying the employment and development of Chambers as a tool for this project. Nice to see those alternate characters getting a work out.

Michael’s is look real nice, but it’s maybe starting to feel a bit southwestern-y. I don’t know if Tex-Mex is on the menu, but the piece is still mui caliente.

I like Dan’s. Form is nice and overall the structure feels sound. I might want some personal attachment to the phrase considering a discussion from our course about the usage of those words in Arabic day to day life. Hopefully I’m not speaking out of turn!

Strange to me, but Tousue’s is feeling the most on point, especially with what I have been seeing on Khatt network. I think it needs that pop of color though, nothing major, but something that hammers home the well formed Arabic sensibilities with the Dutch-esque vibe of the overall piece. Maybe the English translation becomes red or orange. The understated nature is working, but could just need that little push over the edge.

Josh’s too is feeling just about right, I think it’s the vector form / shape that I think could be pushed more. I think it be as simple as having some of the rounded forms overlap the type / “+” signs in (similar to how the “+” interact with the type) to make a more complex form overall.

Great great great directions though! These things are looking SUPER sick. Can’t wait to see more.

Dylan C. Lathrop added these words on Feb 24 09 at 10:25 PM

Thank you for taking so much time, Dylan! Valuable reflections and input, much appreciated.

Erik Brandt added these words on Feb 24 09 at 10:35 PM

What is up with me saying “is look” twice? COLOR ME EMBARRASSED Y’ALL

Dylan C. Lathrop added these words on Feb 24 09 at 11:29 PM

the outcome is wonderful :) I loved Ryan’s…

MANAR added these words on Mar 28 09 at 3:05 AM

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