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Good Morning

Above: Yesterday’s release from the office of the president elect. The focus is on our cities as a key to regional growth. To the kiosks, Kameraden!

Apropos kiosks and to today’s theme, see the Sept. 28, 2008 Geotypografika post: White Rabbit Banned!. (For your convenience, the salient text is re-posted below.)

El Conejo (original from September 28, 2008): I predict a new depression, but I also predict a revival of the American city! Brüder und Schwester, eine Alternative! We need to counteract the social dominance of the economic elites, who save themselves and make others illegal! I call for the legalization of all so-called illegal immigrants!
These ambitious workers will finally be recognized for the strength of their contribution to our economy, and form a new tax revenue base!

Economic crises will blend with transportation woes to force a revival of the city itself.
As we retreat from the failed plastic suburbs and attend the new city via alternative transportation, and as energy alternatives become a matter of survival not choice,
we will witness a great revival of the American poster! The city will once again be flooded with both workers and pedestrians, and culture will seek to project itself
on a human scale. The poster, the kiosk (!), will signal a return to human values,
und la futura.

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Above: The Internationale, en français!

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