Well, it’s 40º below…


Above: Via The Times (London, UK). Nothing like settling down for a cold evening in MPLS with the local English rag. Seems the American intelligence services are issuing a rather chilly forecast for our not to distant future–Weltuntergang! As in,
you know, end of the world type twak. This story is also running in Der Spiegel,
The Huffington Post, and the Guardian.

Apropos mirror, Der Spiegel is also running a fascinating story on a new map of the world, based on etymological history. Via The Atlas of True Names.

Geotypografika Kommentar: Snow for Obama! Evertin’ ire!

One Response to “Well, it’s 40º below…”

Scary. I wonder what place designers will hold in the projected new world. Will we find ourselves making government propaganda? Out of work? Making rebel propaganda? Business as usual?

Either way I may need to move to a remote lake in Canada and just hunker down for the next 20 years or so.

Mitchell Lewis added these words on Nov 21 08 at 8:21 AM

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