Make Art not War

An appeal for sanity, an opposite example.


Above: Via the Khatt Network, a welcome new year’s greetings from Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès, founder and director. It’s clear especially now, what a compelling alternative this foundation, and others like it, represents. In related news
from the region, things are as they ever were, tragic.

The Guardian reports on blogging from Gaza, with pleas for both sides to stop the madness. Alan Abbey in Poynter Online examines the reasons why there are so few independent news sources, especially when most professional news organizations are banned from covering the war. Instead, he finds an IDNF YouTube channel run by the Israeli military. Honto ni. Alternatively, there is the (may be overloaded) Mideast Youth. From an interview in Der Spiegel (English), Israeli author Meir Shalev condemns both sides’ actions as archaic and tragic.

In other news, a Michael Lewis and David Einhorn offer a fascinating perspective in The New York Times on the projected end of financial confidence in our beloved United States. (Geotypografika advances the idea of los Estados Unidos!). From the article: “Americans enter the New Year in a strange new role: financial lunatics… This is one reason the collapse of our financial system has inspired not merely a national but a global crisis of confidence. Good God, the world seems to be saying, if they don’t know what they are doing with money, who does?”

Need some cheering up? The venerable Crooks and Liars recently linked a typographic story on Autobahn’s Heldentica font. Random, but brilliant that it appears in this largely political forum. A sign of typographic vitality? It’s not so much what is shown, but that it is being shared, eh?

Back in the MPLS groove. Peace in the Middle East.

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