Lunes Negro: 60,000 jobs cut worldwide.

Will David Beckham keep his?

Above: Match highlights from Milan-Bologna, including David Beckham’s first goal
as a Rossoneri. Commento in italiano!

While roughly 50,000 jobs were lost in los Estados Unidos today (CNN International), and 10,000 in Europe, Beckham has Milan by the tips of his toes.
Kaka’s recent rejection of a $750,000 per week contract in sunny England, and the Milan faithful’s massive protests to keep him, are indicators that all is in flux
in the world of international soccer super-stardom. Let them eat cake?

In complete and total contrast, Dylan sends along an inspirational story via
The New York Times, skateboarding in Afghanistan.

Beware the tides of Iceland! Or is that the Gulf Stream? Below, science (!) k-nowledge
via the International Polar Foundation. What comes around, goes… but wait,
as Dennis Leary might say, we broke that too?


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