Terror Type

Quo vadis, Domine?


Above: Leaflet from the IDF via The Sun (!), pictured in a heartbreaking report by
Nick Parker on the tragedy of Gaza. Click on the image for a larger view, it is a warning for people to leave the area (accurate translations welcome).

See map of the Gaza strip below courtesy of the CIA World Factbook, this is an area that totals “slightly more than 360 sq km (223.7 sq miles)… approximately twice the size of Washington, D.C.” Imagine reading the above, and, within those confines,
qua ut
in order to escape the madness? Note the scale of the map.

How far away must one be to survive random phosphorus explosions and so-called precision strikes? What of the aftermath, as reported in CNN International?

Quo vadis, Domine indeed, or is it better said, and regardless of denomination,
where art thou, Lord? Absent an answer, all people of peace will unite in opposition
to this war. What else can we do?


This calls for banal and boundlessly optimistic love reference 002.
Because we are human, all too human!

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