China View / CAFA’s Olympic Design

Government sponsored news?

Above: From China View, “Walking a tightrope: Graphic design for Olympics.” On the left, 2,000 year old jingwen, on the right, pictograms for the Beijing Olympics.

State-sponsored journalism? The article is interesting reading not only for the obvious questions, but also in terms of the nuances of translation. For example: “The images are a distinct form of traditional Chinese art, revealing the concept of gangrou bingji, or coupling hardness and softness…”

Remarkable too, the data on the rapid growth of design programs in recent years (1,000+), and that the identity system for these Olympics was produced in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

(Also see this interview with CAFA Dean Min Wang
in a recent designboom article.)

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And here’s a parody of the Olympic pictograms:

Really funny! :)

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