Tiger’s Süper EM Stüdyo 2008

Turkish-German Comedian

Above: The host of Tiger’s Süper EM Stüdyo 2008, (alles auf Deutsch, scusi! ). Brilliant. These lo-fi productions offer hilarious commentary, aside from the fascinating aspect that this perfectly symbolizes today’s epic fixture, Deutschland-Türkiye.

Above: Tiger’s Süper EM Stüdyo 2008 Episode 95, EM Special 19. “Frauenbesuch.”

Known as “Die Kralle from Kreuzberg,” (according to his YouTube bio), Tiger perfectly captures some form of blessed exuberance with all things fussball, “We have a süper life, yes?” 01:20). See this equally epic document of what a spontaneous Autocorso really is, especially when it is in the middle of Berlin.

For a great English-language review of the important cross-cultural aspects of this great meeting of nations, read “We are in the Final whoever wins,” by Steffan Potter on the UEFA Euro 2008 site.

UPDATE: Great article on divided/combined loyalties in today’s NYTimes,
by Nicholas Kulish.

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