O.K. Periodicals No. 6 / The BORING Issue

Arnhem biannual magazine available now.

Above: Screenshot of some fresh Typografika for O.K. Publishing No. 6, The BORING ISSUE, released by the intrepid William van Giessen and Joost van der Steen. Following the release party on July 8, 2011, this official preview is now available for purchase through the O.K. Online Shop.

As always, the design and content of the magazine are impeccable, and it’s humbling to be included with this small typographic illustration for the short story, Separate Worlds. Bravo and a thousand thanks to William and Joost!

Above: Erik Brandt, 2011. More on Typografika.

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Fresh Typografika for @okperiodicals No. 6, The BORING Issue. http://goo.gl/BHHUw #geotypografika #typografika

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