Nivard Thoes

Sino-Dutch graphic explorer and contemporary Marco Polo.

Above: Nivard Thoes, sketch and detail of a proposal from his Rotten Tail project, an extensive proposal for the rehabilitation of so-called “rotten-tail-buildings,” abandoned skyscrapers which litter many Chinese urban landscapes. A true explorer in every sense of the word, Nivard is currently working in Guangzhou after having first founded his ambitious “sweatshop”/studio in Hong Kong in 2006. His work is an inspired blend of Dutch and Chinese influences, encompassing an exhaustive breadth of application both in Holland and in China.

Above: Nivard Thoes, splash page. A graduate of the venerable Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands in 2006, Nivard set out on his move to Hong Kong and quickly established himself through an intricate blending of Sino-Dutch formal languages.

Above: Nivard Thoes, from the impressive system he created for the Times Museum in Guangzhou, developing typefaces, visual identity systems, and exhibition graphics.

Above: Nivard Thoes, type development for the Times Museum project.

Above: Nivard Thoes, underground project for a gay film festival in Beijing, a daring effort and a delightful synthesis of form and content. Please visit Nivard’s own site for an exhaustive representation of current and past projects. His example should be an inspiration to students and practitioners who may be considering ways to engage in a greater world of graphic opportunity.

Special thanks to Nivard for allowing this material to be shared here.

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