Yunker / 2010 Web Globalization Report

Byte Level Research releases it’s new findings.


Above: John Yunker’s world map by country code. In exciting news, bytelevel research is back and has released it’s 2010 Web Globalization Report Card and the data on the world’s top websites is fascinating: Google and Facebook are numerically tied for for first place. Yunker explains that since Google supports more languages,
they get top ranking. Yunker’s 2010 report is co-authored by Midge Raymond, bienvenido de nuevo!


Above: In a similar vein, but using 2009 data, jess3 illustrates the world of the internet in a dynamic animation on Vimeo, below.

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Yunker / 2010 Web Globalization Report: Byte Level Research releases it’s new findings.

Above: John Yunker’s worl…

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