Jim Merkel / Radical Simplicity

Engineering a sustainable life.

Above: Via the Times Argus (Vermont, USA), Jim Merkel, a former military engineer, has literally designed a life that only costs USD $5,000 per year.

Part of his Global Living Project, as well as the subject of his new book,
Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth

From the web introduction:”Imagine you are first in line at a potluck buffet. The spread includes not just food and water, but all the materials needed for shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education. How do you know how much to take? How much is enough to leave for your neighbors behind you — not just the six billion people, but the wildlife, and the as-yet-unborn?”

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Jim Merkel’s book has a printed section of an *ecological footprint* survey that’s the best I have seen. Not online, and one has to self-score it, but I think it is just right level of detail and breaks up final *ecofootprint results* into four clear and useful categories. Jim gave me permission to share with colleagues and students at the Minneapolis College of Art + Design, or one can just buy his excellent book. -KB

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That sounds amazing, Kevin. Will you be giving a talk on that?

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