Chris Burns finds Jeeyun Michaella Chung

Aeroplane Typeface

Aeroplane Typeface. Jeeyun Michaella Chung, 2008.

Chris Burns writes: Greetings from the portfolio-scouring wetlands. Today I’ve found quite a fun gem from Graphic Design graduate*, Jeeyun Michaella Chung, who presents this excellent flying collection of letters!

Words from JMC herself: “Three-dimensional aeroplane typeface is created for Virgin Galactic to promote the event on the launching of Spaceship Two that will take people into sub-orbital space in near future 2009. My hand crafted typeface follows the construction process of aeroplanes and use their aesthetic to create a vivid and exciting alphabet and it delivers its dynamic and diverse purposes more efficiently. 26 origami papers are designed- different geometry shapes such as circle, square, and triangles are printed on both sides of the paper and when you fold them, they create letters while becoming aeroplanes. Each letter is inspired by the shapes of different types of planes and I engineered and re-structured to make a perfect fit for the letters.”

Most excellent project from this SW Londoner. Cheers and thanks. Keep on folding!

*Jeeyun has recently graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (2008).

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THIS IS WICKED!!!! very very smart n celever good job Jeeyun!

Mona added these words on Oct 02 08 at 6:33 AM

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