Chris Burns / Alphabets and Gas Stations

Above: Alphabet Truck, Eric Tabuchi. 2008.

Chris Burns writes: Hey y’all, collector of collections here. Today I’ve found three collections. Images A and C are from Artist 1, B is from Artist 2.

Artist 1 is [Eric Tabuchi], an excellent photo collector whose portfolio recently
showed up on the Indexhibit [New Participants] list.

Artist 2 is JK Keller, whose excellent [blog/portfolio/thing] showed up on
[Dan Ibarra's] blog [The Yeti Crap].*

Merci and thank you Eric Tabuchi and JK Keller for your awesome photo collections, please collect more at your leisure, then send them to [me] for processing. And by processing I mean posting all over the internet.

Below: American Sign Language Matchbooks (JK Keller, 2007) and 26 Abandoned Gasoline Stations (Eric Tabuchi, 2008).

*I accidentally spelled Yeti Crab as Yeti Crap. Then I couldn’t bear to fix it.

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