Ficciones Typografika Plus

Sarah Hummel

Above: Some recent hand made sketches developed by Sarah with her own resource defined. Fantastico! Click the image for a larger view and you will see some really interesting experimentation with the many possibilities of typographic form–all in a fictional setting.

This sketch collection is a continuation of a typographic exploration that begins with students exploring formal aspects of 72 point Eurostile. They move a “camera,” or a scaled cut out, over the type and are encouraged to try and remove as much identity as possible from each character in search of form.

Above: Sarah’s Eurostile sketch phase. The units themselves are scaled from 24″x36″, so students can explore both macro and micro issues–all at the same time. Here, Sarah takes note of the music she was listening too while working.

I love teaching this problem, it allows for excellent insight to the students and helps them create their own vocabulary and the beginnings of a truly personal working relationship with type.

Above: This problem originated in a class I started teaching in various forms in 2001. Here, a favorite example of the exploration and documentation process by the then slightly bearded Pete Sucheski, Penn State University, 2002.

Above: The ultimate goal, a 24″x36″ poster. Here a hyperspace example by the great Marika Soulsby, Penn State University, 2002.

Above: Some possibilities with color. A great spread by Nayla Jaida. VCUQatar, 2006.
If interested, please see some more work from earlier this year.

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Erik, now after several years, i can sya that u were such an inspirations, as a human and as a teacher…..i was very lucky to be one of your students..

Nayla Jaida added these words on Apr 14 11 at 2:32 PM

You are so kind to write, you were an inspiration then as you are now. Thank you!

Erik Brandt added these words on Apr 14 11 at 5:35 PM

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