Guardian / Polish Posters

Film Poster History and Analysis

Above: From the Guardian, a welcome review by Paul Rennie on the history of the Polish film poster. With Poland playing an awkward role in the renewal of archaic Cold War tensions and games, the irony of this history of state-sponsored design is striking.

Tangentially, it is also interesting to note this recent New York Times story by John Markoff on the internet, specifically, the growing areas of the net that do not route through the US anymore. This has fascinating implications.

Electronic pan-nationalism still has physical and regional alligances and one wonders, could these come to represent the borders of the future? In the meantime, contemporary nation-states still prefer flexing their muscle in traditionally horrifying ways, but look to the ability of Russia to shut down Georgia’s internet access and the point becomes clear.

The internet, certainly a part of the promise of the future, assumes familiar and antiquated “shapes?”

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