Chris Burns / Welcome to Foreston

Exploring the tiny town of Foreston, Minnesota.

george liquor

Above: If you want liquor in Foreston: this is the place.

Chris Burns writes: Welcome to Foreston, Minnesota. One of the many places I’ve visited several times in my life without even the thought of documentation. Please feel free to come with me on a magical journey through this tiny, tiny place.

Foreston: By definition, Minnesotan.


Water tower? Check.


Fuck-off attitude? Check.


Half-heartedly covered signage #1? Check.


Half-heartedly covered signage #2? Check.


White people? Check. No, let’s give that two checks.


Vehicle elevated higher than it should be, used as signage? Check.

[BONUS: This does happen more than once in Minnesota. Anyone else have examples? Please post them!]


The Virgin Mary? Check.


And believe it or not, THE INTERNET! Check!

Why did I have my CPU with me? I always do, silly. Why was I sitting in the car while my father was at the Minnesota Auction House? Well, I was just going for a walk and [this] happened, so I had to take my shoes off.

This journey is only a nutshell, or a different way of depicting the full adventure, which appears [here] on the /Minnesota archive hosted by A Tiny City, a new project of mine.

Thank you Foreston! You’ve always provided a well-meaning chuckle, classic adventure, and father-son bonding for me and my Dad.

Also, thank you Dad, for bringing me to this wonderful place.

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