Chris Burns / Thank You Los Angeles

Who will save the soul of Southern California?

Pollute Dave Kinsey

Above: New four-color screenprint poster by Dave Kinsey.

Chris Burns writes: When I saw this graphic, (now a print, click for more info,) I was reminded of the feeling I felt upon experiencing first hand the damage “successfully applied” design can have ala Anywhere America. I don’t believe Dave Kinsey had Target Corporation in mind when this graphic was constructed, but there it is.

Background info: I spent a week in Los Angeles recently, and I found myself right in the middle of “wherever you go, there you are.” Staying with friends who were born in Minnesota with me, finding that they now work for none other than Target (a Minnesotan chain) in Los Angeles: I find myself crestfallen. Target, I love you, come clean with me: are you turning America into a single state?

The following is an EXTREMELY nutshelled version of my journey through graphic sadness to madness to gladness in Los Angeles.


Kmart. I’ve got nothing to say to you.


Radio Shack. Please don’t play me like that. You are not a California Radio Shack. You are still Radio Shack.

bathroom wavy

Wait. What is this? Farmer’s Market toilet and telephone sign, I love you. You are heartening. There is hope.


Chameau! That is a GOOD camel. Thank you!

Cupid Hot Dogs

Cupid Hot Dogs, really?! Tarzana Car Wash? That’s just fun.


Dad and Me Auto Repair, I would definitely think about getting my auto repaired by you and your dad. Your hand-painted letters are legit. And according to Googlemaps, you are the ONLY Dad and Me Auto Repair in the whole world.


Mel’s, you bright up my heart. Blink for goodness sake.

El Capitan

El Capitan‘s lights blink and blink and make an amazing show for Hollywood BLVD at night. Stay strong. Light up the night.


Knitting Factory. Keep on knitting.

CALIFORNIA. I say to you this. Please do not let McDonalds and Walmart and Target and Subway COMPLETELY overrun your landscape. That is why Minnesota is here, so we can have them. But, do not stay English. Build those graphic buildings into the stratosphere.


Southern California: Thank you for being wild. Please do not fix your accent.

Geotypografika says vielen, vielen dank, Chris Burns. Also, here is a wee recent video experiment from him.

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