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The long and winding road of magnetic curtains.

Chris Burns writes: These curtains are pretty neat. They have magnets in them
so that they can be formed into many different shapes, making them pretty Feng Shui.
But that’s not what this entry is about. This entry is about blog citation.

When blogging, it is common courtesy to site your source(s) when posting a news article or item that you’ve found on a webpage (as opposed to writing a story or taking a photograph on your own).

Quite often stories will be posted many times, in many different blogs. Take for instance this Magnetic Curtain story: when I first lay eyes on it, I found it on the blog of rap artist/producer Kanye West*. Next, I discovered it on BoingBoing,
with a later date.

Had BoingBoing been scooped by Kanye West? Yes!

Who had the real scoop? Who was really first to post? I began searching
entries for connections:

BoingBoing sites their source as Geekologie
who site their source as YankoDesign
who site their source as MocoLoco
who’ve apparently gotten the real scoop (along with Kanye?) from the Swiss designer himself, Florian Kräutli.

Which site’s citation is the most accurate?
I like YankoDesign’s approach, which is handled like so:
Designer: Florian Krautli [ Via: Mocoloco ]

*Kanye West sites his source as Florian Kräutli also, without listing his webpage, which is here. Does Kanye have this inside information? Or is he not citing sources at all? Check out how many of his posts match BoingBoing and Geekologie and say what you think.

It is all, of course, just politics.

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ooh. this is an interesting topic. im thinking about the web 2.0 video that asserts how we are controlling the internet through our online tagging. these blog citations work on the same factor. we need to be conscious of developing our online communities in this way, so that they will strengthen (the same approach should be conscious in our real-life communities)..

terese added these words on Feb 21 08 at 7:52 PM

this site might interest you, terese: BLOGGERS RIGHTS!

Chris Burns added these words on Feb 22 08 at 2:41 AM

@terese… there is a thin imaginative line separating our real-time and cyber life. it is sad that there is no same level of consciousness in both.

what raised my curiosity is: what is the purpose of this magnetic curtain if the windows are made out of glass? it seems that the Bauhaus rule of thumbs ” form follows function” is disregarded on so many levels these days… however, this is one cool interactive curtain:)

lejla added these words on Feb 24 08 at 1:54 AM

lejia I think the curtain sticks to itself, not the window


Chris Burns added these words on Feb 25 08 at 2:32 AM

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