Chris Burns / Hirst x Banksy Collaboration

Sells for 1,870,000 USD at (AUCTION)RED* through Sotheby’s.

Chris Burns writes: Damien Hirst, known as the most successful artist alive,
teams up with Banksy, whose sales and actions make him the worlds most successful artist who’s never held an art show in a “proper gallery,” as he would say.

The image in the auction is of a Spanish maid “brushing dust under the rug”, or,
“under the artwork”, in this case. The original location for the above image appeared was Los Angeles, California, USA, before Banksy’s “Barely Legal” show in 2006.

For more information on Hirst, view the rest of the (Auction)RED results. Hirst has done extremely well for himself in the art business, as this auction shows. Banksy, on the other hand, has done extremely well for himself in the irony business. He isn’t so bad at oils and spraypaint, either.

*Proceeds from the (Auction)RED sale go to the United Nations Foundation to support HIV/AIDS relief programs in Africa conducted by the global fund to fight aids, tuberculosis, & malaria.

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