Tarek Atrissi and Egyptian Movie Posters

Modern example of the wayfaring designer.


Above: Photo by Tarek Atrissi in Cuba. See more here.

In conversation today with my graduate student Greg Mills today, I mentioned the work of Tarek Atrissi, a Lebanese designer with international experience and education living and working from Holland. I stumbled across this recent update of his, photographs of his travels in Cuba.

Tarek’s work is fascinating and worth careful study. I mentioned him because he also used to feature a collection of Egyptian movie posters on his site, which he no longer does. In searching for examples of this incredible medium, I found these references on Flickr below:



Here is another site where you can actually purchase gems such as the following.


This is what it is all about. Einfach fantastisch!


Egyptian film has a reputation for the dramatic…


…well deserved and gloriously so. This is an area worthy of careful study, perhaps a book by some intrepid young Egyptian design historian? Or someone in Lativa, even Thailand? Let’s hope so, anyone can benefit from this visual history.

Geotypografika hopes the intrepid Mona Makhlouf will send us an update soon from Cairo on what is happening these days.

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