Die Neue Geotypografika / Erik Brandt

Graphic and Typographic Viruses Lektüre
Minneapolis, MN Estados Unidos


Die Neue Geotypografika © Erik Brandt 2008
Shown above for the first time, this is my new poster
for the upcoming lektüre at MCAD.

February 20, 2008.

Update: Die Neue Geotypografika Redux

4 Responses to “Die Neue Geotypografika / Erik Brandt”

Waw! It’s such a lovely poster..
It reminded me of Casa Vicens in Barcelona… DOND’T ask me why!!! This how I see it!
I like (as always) your work and find it interesting and DIFFERENT!

MANAR added these words on Jan 29 08 at 8:54 AM

I love it, definitely looking forward to the lecture. Question for you though:

As a professor who has an extensive knowledge of arguably the ultimate design virus, Helvetica, why did you not utilize it in your poster anywhere? Did you feel that it’s so overused, and so well known, that putting it in would be redundant? I still don’t know enough about it, but from what I’ve heard from you I’m just curious.

Mitchell Lewis added these words on Jan 29 08 at 9:18 PM

Hi Mitchel, great question actually! I was trying for, to use a phrase, something completely different. While Helvetica and its use is a good example, much more interesting is the potential rise of these other languages, which require their own forms – potentially, I think as well, we may see a broader adaptation/incorporation of multiple languages (and not just in Roman form), that could include typographic and graphic expression (similar to the wholesale shift from Arabic to a “Romanized” Turkish under Atatürk in 1928.)

So, in my own way, this poster is more about the future. But I think you are on to something, and maybe you should develop your own experiments with “Helvetica as Virus” as a theme? I know the recent film has brought this typeface “back into vogue,” but I think the discussion is outdated to some extent (by at least 15 years).

While we are on that subject, Akzidenz Grotesk forever.


Erik Brandt added these words on Jan 30 08 at 8:31 AM

It’s funny actually, Mitchell. I love Helvetica, no question. Here is what I wrote in my MFA thesis document 11 years ago (discussing the use of Helvetica Medium 65 as the typeface for the document and printed/digital exhibition – this, at VCU, at a time when Univers ruled the day. And why not?)


“The typeface Helvetica was chosen as a generic face with strong inter-cultural ties because of it’s overwhelming international presence in airports and years of use. This generic quality was important to withhold issues of pretense and allow the least possible interference between typeface and issues of meaning. The medium weight also permits good legibility while set in a normally challenging white on a dark ground. Leading and kerning issues were carefully addressed to promote maximum legibility in both an exhibition and digital setting.”

Funny memory: I remember my good friend Jason Smith suggesting that one could switch all links on the school’s computers to Univers with Helvetica. Of course we never did it, but it was fun to think about.

But, all that was in1996-97, way long time ago. Old school days. Time to move on?

Erik Brandt added these words on Jan 30 08 at 9:44 AM

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