Atatürk’s Alphabet / Lessons in Romanization

1928: The Turkish Example


Above: The famous photo of Atatürk circa 1928, teaching the (then)
new 29 character Turkish alphabet.

Lektüre für Jan 29, 2008 I believe this was an early attempt at adapting to globalization, or then Western-Romanization. This large scale event is predated by the Korean example of 1444-46 (which emerged as a response to the dominant Chinese characters). For many years, the Korean people celebrated a national holiday in honor
of their alphabet.

I am lecturing tomorrow on the anticipated and hoped for emergence of a new global typography: mixed languages, cell/text shorthand, and then, a new global visual vernacular. As diverse and as complicated as is possible, and, ideally, without economic striving or identity, only carriers of new meaning.

Tja, and I hope to throw in some nice photographs of Istanbul as well.
The original cosmopolis.

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