Apropo Ficciones

More Student Experiments with Form


Above: This is an example by a former student Bil Sherman (click) from last Fall. Similar to the latest Letraset sketches (click), these studies, and in particular these examples, are an immediate and easy way to find a way to and from form. The explorations are typographic in nature, but the student, working at scale, can get a sense for the possibilities of developing high volume process while working micro/macro, all at the same time. A valuable lesson I believe. Here are some further examples from some of the first student to try this approach back at Penn State, Spring 02. How can I ever forget Marika Soulsby and Pete Susheski.


The process begins loosely, generating many pages of sketches/tracings, while taking copious notes on thoughts, music in the background, discoveries. It then follows a course of distillation and eventual enlargement (all can be done by hand or machina/rechner).


Obviously, you can see the inspiration for many of these sketches flow from the brilliant work of Armin Hofman and some of his contemporaries (though no one claim authorship over exploring form in this way). I encourage you to try these experiments yourself, it is, as I am prone to say, a way to and from form, but it is also a way to graphic design history, and participating in a larger world of form. We are brothers and sisters in this pursuit, are we not? Avanti!


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