Opolis in Hong Kong


Above: My great friend Sherman Chan Yiu Tong is on the right, and one of the school directors, Mr. Wucius Wong (王無邪) (Principles of Form and Design) is on the left. Sherman had generously invited me to exhibit four photographs from Opolis, which were part of an exhibition to benefit CIVA, the Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts, and celebrate their new digital media center. My wife Beth, who’s poem spirits these simple photographs, and I are so honored by this great pleasure, and so grateful to be part of something so worthwhile. Sherman’s efforts at CIVA are truly remarkable. Have a look at their work here.


Above: opolis sample spread.




Some collateral material that Sherman sent along.

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This reminds me of when i was in london when
my aunt came to visit, I promised her that
within five years i would be exhibited in one
of the art gallerys we’d happened across near
Portobello Road, (I’ve got 2 years left).

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