Reza Abedini takes New York

Cover of last weekend’s NYTimes Book review.


Above: There is no mistaking Reza’s work, it is clear he has already reached some level of visual ubiquity. We are lucky for it. Please follow these links for more on the contemporary graphic design scene in Iran, notably the 5th Color and this posting in Rene Wanner’s site on young Iranian designers (Rene’s exhibition includes fascinating portraits next to the designer’s work). I very much look forward to the day when the world’s visual vernacular starts to project the true face of the world, and not just it’s Western identity. This is going to happen sooner than later, see the economies of India and China. Avanti Kameraden!

Above: Aria Kasaei.

.(Thanks to my old student Rachel for sending a reminder
about the NYT Book Review Cover.)

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