Jasio Stefanski / Badges

CSS coded forms.


Above: Jasio Stefanski, screenshot from his experimental Badges website. Part of his MFA Thesis at MCAD that I had the distinct pleasure to work with him on, Jas has further developed ideas that initially found form in True Colors (see original post here). Each unit is created in CSS (with a few exceptions), and this process also generated the screenprinted versions (see below). Partially a study of both form and projected/reflected light, the web version of Badges can be manipulated by the viewer and makes for a contemplative if abstract experience.


Above: Jasio StefanskiBadges install. The projected light environment is complimented by screenprinted versions that Jas installed as part of his thesis exhibition, which opens to the public on May 17, 2013 (Northrup King Building, Gallery 254 in Minneapolis, MN). This reflected light experience is augmented by colored neon tubes arranged in harmony with the main wall.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.19.54 AM

Above: Jasio Stefanski, True Colors. Some original experiments that led to Badges. The formal nature of these contemplations is what I find most attractive. While abstract in nature, they still resound with a contemporary nature firmly rooted in timeless interests, color, type and image relationships, and a measure of beauty.

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