Laurie Haycock-Makela / Dead History

Seminal lectures at MCAD and Cranbrook.


Above: Laurie Haycock-Makela’s inspired and moving talk about her love and life with P. Scott Makela at MCAD. Her profound performance here in Minneapolis was followed by what must have been the most important and emotional part of this endeavor–Laurie’s return to Cranbrook and a time to tell the whole story, to all the right people (please see below).

For myself, I find it entirely impossible to characterize the evening at MCAD. It was nothing short of a revelation. Surely nothing, nothing, like this exists in American graphic design history? Indeed, it is, it was, history. Reserve yourself some time and enjoy the pureness of emotion, the story only Laurie and Scott knew, and see. You won’t regret it. I believe you will be, and we were, joyfully humbled and enriched by her generosity of memory and a keen commentary on the contemporary.

Above: Laurie’s lecture at Cranbrook Academy of Art. A circle is complete. Now we can anticipate more. A thousand thanks, Laurie.

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