Harald Geisler / Typo Calendar

2011 version now on Kickstarter.


Above: Harald Geisler, 2010 Calendar. How apropos, the work of a Frankfurt, Germany based typographer following some recent experiments here with calendars. If this staggering image piques your interest, a 2011 version is planned and available here via a Kickstarter campaign. For more info, see this Q&A with the designer on the Kickstarter Blog. Can I get a hell yeah?


Above: Harald Geisler, 2010 Calendar process.


Above: Harald Geisler, 2010 Calendar promotional info, via format. Avanti, Harald! Support the 2011 version through Kickstarter here.

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Harald Geisler 2011Typo Calendar posters. Hell yes. http://ow.ly/33uo5

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Harald Geisler / Typo Calendar: http://is.gd/gLBXk

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