Expanded: Geotypografika on Flickr

Fotografías del mundo, para el mundo.


Above: Geotypografika Amsterdam.

Update: I realized recently that I had uploaded relatively small files to the
Geotypografika Flickr account and have updated and reorganized the sets.
I hope these images, various and many, become a useful part of the greater
dialogue occurring here. The images themselves are amateur at best, and
represent a general catalog of ideas and resources from my own research.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. I am happy to share
high-res versions of these images as well as to discuss them or present them
in a formal lecture environment (see bottom of this post).


Above: Geotypografika Copenhagen.


Above: Geotypografika Doha.


Above: Geotypografika Deutschland. These images are from several cities in
Germany, here, the library in Bad Schwartau, where I was young.


Above: Geotypografika Dubai.


Above: Geotypografika Hong Kong.


Above: Geotypografika Istanbul.


Above: Geotypografika Lisboa.


Above: Geotypografika Los Angeles.


Above: Geotypografika Luxembourg.


Above: Geotypografika Scotland.


Above: Geotypografika Trivandrum.


Above: Erik Brandt, Die Neue Geotypografika. Images from my lecture at MCAD
last February, 2008. A more detailed review of that lecture is available here,
please feel free to contact me for more information to arrange an updated lecture.

Please for to be enjoying.

4 Responses to “Expanded: Geotypografika on Flickr”

you’ve sure been all over the place. where to next?

Ryan Hageman added these words on Mar 01 09 at 4:33 PM

THIS IS GREAT! i’ve been waiting for RGB 17:05:08 to become available.

justin mckinley added these words on Mar 01 09 at 9:19 PM

Well, right now it is all about MPLS, yo! Chris Burns of A Tiny City has an incredible collection of photos, and then there is this treasure trove of supplementary data from the seminar last Spring. Hope to add those one day soon and get out on the bike later this year and begin another round.

Thanks for the enthusiasm, Justin. I would love to talk about RGB 17:05:08
more soon.

Erik Brandt added these words on Mar 02 09 at 7:01 AM

I love Japanese and Chinese characters, hahahahah. Japanese and Chinese graphic design is so great and weird.

Austin Baker added these words on Mar 02 09 at 3:47 PM

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