We move forward, always.


Above: MCAD student Charlie Hunter. Today, our introductory level graphic design
class meets to critique the culmination of a series of exercises that combined
hand-drawn, photographic, and typographic elements. I am sure you will agree
that these few examples (all I have from an early deadline), show much promise
and real passion.

See more of our grupetto’s overall process in our Flickr set.


Above: MCAD student Jenny Da.


Above: MCAD student Mary Nelson.


Above: MCAD student Joe Hrabe.

Many thanks for these early submissions, mes élèves,
it will be an enjoyable afternoon.

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These are gorgeous! And really inspiring…

How was the text determined and/or generated (co-opted?)?

Bettina added these words on Feb 28 09 at 8:26 PM


Whales desire passion, struggle, daily routine…
Only the government, their thinking goes, has
the ability to remove the dead parts of the
voice-overs. Once they overheard one say,
“It saddens me when they live in their vehicles,”
then, a gurgling feedback drowned the rest out.

It’s a slow, moving story with a strong, silent
Hero—Snail. It began with a car chase involving
one of the central characters, Which Ended in
the Retreat and Devolution of the British Army.
Then nautilus is opened, read as an epic search for
one’s true Ryan Cabrera trying on cholera costumes.

‘Would the garden like such a man?’ Sassoon
is praising his gun and the bayonet, but will not
go into courtship displays in front of sub-adult
females. There is too much dazzling petal display.
From the Cape of Good Hope to North Cape,
“Even when the music’s sad, quails like to kiss.”

Bettina added these words on Mar 02 09 at 8:29 AM

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