Pixel System 26

A typeface for a post-caucasian world.

Above: Pixel System 26 Regular, an updated version of an experimental typeface
I designed in 1999 called Zirkel System 1999 (see below). Pixel System 26 is available gratis via Fontstruct. Above, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Nani desuka, post-caucasian world? Borrowed from a title I saw recently in the news, which seems timely and optimistic. With Chandrayaan-1 sailing towards la bella luna as we speak, we can, all of us together, be genuinely optimistic about a more balanced and global future.

Pixel System 26 is a fully-operational typeface ideal for meaningful patterns
or kilim rugs.

Above: Zirkel System © 1998, an experimental typeface for Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Communication Arts and Design (DVC). Employed on the department identity system at the time. Here, one through twenty-six, a through z.

Above: Pixel System 26 Regular Reverse. The system works best with tight leading (use indicators to match) and a tracking value of -30 (as the crow flies).

Above: Pixel System 26 Light. The uppercase version, good for animations, has a de facto moire pattern which creates interesting variations. Here, a tracking value of -25 seems adequate. Pixel System 26 is spell-check capable though it seems to work
best without spaces.

Fontstuct download is free and examples of uses
and abuses are most welcome here.

Per il futuro!

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Avanti popolo alla riscossa,
bandiera rossa, bandiera rossa!
Avanti popolo alla riscossa,
bandiera rossa trionferá!

UPDATE: Oct. 31, 2008. Via Fontstuct, see below.

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