Recruiting an army of new teachers…

I cried tears of joy last night.

From the NPR transcript of Barack Obama‘s speech last night in St. Paul, Minnesota:

“…we owe it to our children to invest in early childhood education; to recruit an army of new teachers and give them better pay and more support; to finally decide that in this global economy, the chance to get a college education should not be a privilege for the wealthy few, but the birthright of every American. That’s the change we need in America. That’s why I’m running for President.”

I come from a family of teachers, and I know we will all answer this inspiring call to renew our passion and join an army of teachers. Sad that we use a military analogy, but perhaps this new age calls for a militant educator, a critical and passionate servant of new learning and discovery! We have to overcome these many years of horror, of lies, of intimidation, of media manipulation and the hijacking of what is America from within. We need to educate ourselves anew, with optimism, with cold and earnest humility, with a dedication for the possibility of the future.

We shall leave these criminals of state behind, or ask them to continue their work
in Iraq
. We’ll stay here, and prepare new emissaries of science and language,
art and history.

New teachers, new past, new future.

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