Free Radicals Still Swim

Above: From a helmet-cam sequence by messenger/director Lucas Brunelle, a new version with a great track from Überdose (ignore the paint filter/slo-mo moment…)!
The original footage is a true welcome to the jungle (and includes a priceless one-hit at the beginning, tee hee), and makes me think of twenty years ago today…

DC Messengers were not so much into the fixies in the late eighties, but it is a true joy to see our free-radical culture alive and well. Here is an amazing find: the legendary Scrooge, still working and innovating. I was sad to find an obituary he wrote for an old friend, Derwin (Sarg), who passed on last November.

A melancholy nostalgia, for all free radicals.

UPDATE: See this link for an excellent article by Kevin Wehr, “Bicycle Messengers and Fast Capitalism: An Old-School Solution to the Needs of Technocapitalism.”
(Issue 2.1)

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this looks like so much fun

Chris Burns added these words on Jun 04 08 at 10:05 AM

Many thanks to Yanko Design for the link.

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