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Canadian Led Effort Targeting Graphic Designers

Above: Enlarged Globe and Mail icon und gracias Canada! Paperless invoicing,
a small part of green professional practice.

Have a look at this interesting article from the Globe and Mail, Jennifer Hollet’s review of an inspiring effort by Erik Karjaluoto of SmashLAB called, Design Can Change. This group has attracted international attention for advocating green design practices, and specifically within the graphic design profession. (Ignore the first sentence that defines design in the following way, “The goal of graphic design is to make things look good. Really good.” Ugh.)

A powerful point from the article: “Designers are a small enough group to mobilize globally,” Karjaluoto explains, reiterating an idea supported by “the law of the few,”
a rule governing social epidemics that author Malcolm Gladwell explored in his bestselling book The Tipping Point.

“The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social skills,” Gladwell wrote. Among those skills are being well connected, being informed and being persuasive – all of which designers are, making them a triple threat.”

Weiter so, Kameraden!

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